For a long time, we are held in our trap thinking maybe at some point a saviour could come for our rescue. we hold dearly to some old beliefs without knowing their predicament. Until we learn to use motivational stories to our advantage we may never realise the beliefs do not work in our favour. we dream to start businesses, finish a project we started or pursue a career opportunity. However, all these become passive the moment we start procrastinating. It is unbelievable that the majority of us today do not give much attention to the things that matter a lot to ourselves. In most cases, we intend to naturally dismiss even our inner voice that seems to provoke our enthusiasm.


The best feeling one can ever have in life is the feeling of freedom of mind after having accomplished all that his mind has ever set to attain in a lifetime. Never accept to settle for anything less, learn to listen to what your heart loves. Read books on motivational stories and all other resources that improve your productivity. Remember as a man thinketh, so he becomes. We will provide you with the latest news stories of successful people we have interacted with so that you can find leverage to ignite your own creativity. We love to hear stories of those who have succeeded through following their inner voice as well as going beyond societal expectations and norms.


Our main goal is to motivate you to reach your potentials. In addition, we teach and analyze for you the best business opportunities in kenya to invest in. lastly, we do not do all these in our own capacities. God is the main source of motivation for us. we are able to reach you through His divine connection. We hope to expand you to the unlimited scope of thinking. visit our blog and social media platforms to read our motivational stories and the business opportunities in kenya and beyond.