Chickens feeding together from the same feeder
Chickens feeding on the same feeder, the feeds are fresh for quality poultry farming business.

How Lucrative is Poultry Farming Business In Kenya?

Poultry farming business is one of the most remunerative ventures in Kenya today. From the past reports, this business is now being practised by most of the senior members on land. Though many may not be aware of how to start a poultry farming, however, the venture is simple and requires very small capital for a start. Averagely, this venture could cost you at least 20k for the start. Mathematically, for a small start;

  • You need to start with ten chickens which need around 4k
  • Cost of materials + labour for the construction of a small structure for the chickens 10k
  • feeding equipment + feeds for at least a month 6k

Up to this level, you are ready to kickstart and exercise your managerial skills. Although, there are many provocations to confront in poultry farming business also, is encouraging to realize that most of these challenges have quick solutions to fix them.

Also, farmers who are into this business agree to the fact that despite the challenges, there are good returns. Importantly, like any other undertaking to succeed, there must be a good plan in place. Poultry farming business plan thus is very essential tool to work with for the growth and future expansion of this business.

Management and Care of Poultry Birds

There are many poultry diseases that affect the productive nature of birds as well as their health in general. Most farmers, therefore, worry about how they should care for poultry birds in order to reap maximum benefits. The trick to keeping off the birds from bad infections is to vaccinate them on time and frequently without waiting. In addition, poultry birds have many predators besides diseases. Keeping them off their predators reach is key for success.

Chickens within the chainlink protection
Chicken protection against predators for healthy poultry farming business.

 Target Market For Poultry Products

Poultry farming has a ready market for its products. Worrying over the poultry farming market today is a thing of the past. With the increased demand for chicken products both locally in Kenya and on the international market, every poultry farmer whether small scale or large scale should be able to enjoy the economies of market scale. The target market places for poultry products include restaurants, big hotels, local markets and companies.

Good luck as you endeavour to set your first foot in the cold waters by starting up this lucrative venture. If you need my advice kindly reach out to me through the comment section below.


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